Picture Perfect

by Amarionette

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released October 7, 2014




Amarionette Las Vegas, Nevada

Amarionette has made quite a name for themselves delivering 4 albums in 5 years, Headlining many local Las Vegas venues as well as multiple tours From California to Texas and all in between, their ever increasing internet success has left fans all across the U.S eagerly awaiting more. ... more


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Track Name: Scooty Puff Sr. The Doom Bringer
Let me talk here for a minute you've got a lot of heat
Coming around your way, lies stream from inside
of you, is it true?
Are you learning...from this moment, that you've made
Nice bed will you sleep on it oh...

Were going down, down...but the pride will never
get the best of me, you will never take me.
I know you want it, I know wanna play this game
but were going to stay down...

Oh you let the wolves inside your head, every day
Didn't we learn not to open the door, let the strangers
come in....pause this moment, so you know....I can make a way for you...out.

Well be mindful what you want, be careful what you say, be aware of who you hurt....just cover your heart...just turn around.
We're going down, down...but the pride wont get it...you will never take me...
Track Name: Seeds
I saw you stare and I really didnt ask for help
I know you care, whats the difference if your eyes
are closed, its not a disguise, Its life in reprise.
Broken from your from your hope...let it grab ahold
Bringing you back....bringing you back, you...

Open the seeds of your soul, what you put
in lets it grow...please let it
Grow, grow, grow...please let it grow.

Change your mind, dating back to when you
were, an innocent child, before hurt got its hooks
in you, lets stay for awhile and block out these trials
Yeah...broken from your hope...let it grab ahold
bringing you back...bringing you back...

Change your mind
Change your mind
Ooo ill change your mind
Ill change your mind
Open the seeds of your soul...what you put, in lets it grow OH.
Track Name: Dangerous Ways
Where is he...coming to self reliance?
He's fallen so far below, if he can find it.
Her faith's at the bottom of a bottle
The stronger her beliefs with one more
swallow....oh think fast what do I fall into
Is worth more or am I struggling to...
Latch so hard I deny everything. And this is stronger than its ever been...I wanting to belong...yeah this is stronger than its ever been, you don't need to.

We live our lives in between
Whats really real and what does it mean.
So we can, get away, get away
get away from it...

How far can you go, before you come apart?
You'll find it shows, from the inside and the inside
Oh think fast, what do I fall into...is it worth more or
am I struggling too? Latch so hard I deny everything.

Latch so hard, I deny eveything. (You dont need to, you dont need to)
Yeah latch so hard, I deny everything... (you dont need to, you dont need...)
Track Name: That Young Life (Let It Out)
We know it surges through our chest
So hard we cant get over it.
We know it surges through our chest
Let it out
Let it out
Its like a false start...right back to
The beginning...so full of heart, even tho you know
That its ending.
Keep fighting back the doubt and worry...your stretching
Past, just to show what you are made of
Isn't it worth it?
Track Name: Dancing Lights
Oh dont ever change the scenery its beautiful just like
You, hard to explain...I know you think im
Stating all the obvious things, to get on your
Good side, I know what you think...and I...

I wanna see the best of what you've got
We'll dance circling, while we're creating all of this
Light, all...light...oh.

If you're reading minds you know you're running laps around mine, im so obvious...we're waiting for the right time to say, what ive put on display, then everything thats hidden behind close lips will fall out.

Ive been thinking, im so into you
Words fail me now, let me show you